Projects + Plans for the new year

Projects  + Plans for the new year

Hey Everyone !!! Happy New Year and hope you had a lovely vacation.

I have been working on new content as I promised but also meeting up with the rigors of lifeΒ  πŸ˜….


This holiday I worked on some projects cutting across web development to Artificial Intelligence. I worked on a *toolkit* for my projects using laravel and VueJs. I also worked on using African Music using LSTM.

Both projects are still in progress, and I am recognising some bottlenecks especially with regards to the AI projects.

I has been a bit challenging to create new content because of the coursework I have on my plate, but still should be a nice adventure

That been said here are the personal projects I plan on working on this year and my stipulated release dates; Most of them will be open source so yes I cannot wait to collaborate:

  1. Complete my toolkit-esque application with laravel and VueJS — Complete by End of January
  2. Complete my music generation with AI — Complete by mid Febrary
  3. Create an application I have in mind with (AI) matching techniques — Complete by end February
  4. Work on a weather React App – Complete by end Janurary
  5. Continue improving my facebook bots — Throughout the year (pheww πŸ˜’πŸ˜…)
  6. Have a prototype of a self driving car — By May
  7. Start some work on Project Olympus — by September (Its a VR project so trust that it’ll be fun 😎)

I hope you enjoy this year and have a productive one !!!

PS: I have a new article to be posted by tomorrow night on some PDDL generator I’d written. Will document some of my thought process and what I feel about it




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